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Door Styles

The Alumina bi-folding door range has a wide variety of options when it comes to sizes and opening configurations – available from 2 panes wide up to 7 panes.

Untitled-13Our door pane numbering works like this:

The first number shows the number of doors in total
within the frame.

The second number shows the majority of doors folding back to either left or right.

The third number shows the balance of doors opening in the opposite direction.

So, a 4-3-1 bi-folding door would be four panes wide, with three doors folding back to one side of the frame, and a single opening door on the other.

Click here to see all opening and closing configurations.

Colour Options

Discover the wide range of colours and finishes available with Alumina bi-fold doors.


Alumina bi-fold doors are available with many threshold options, for the ultimate in choice


Choosing a Bi-Fold door

Here are a few guidelines on what to consider when choosing a bi-fold door.