The Flexible Bead by Alumina

The Flexible Bead by Alumina


Making installations a breeze, the Alumina aluminium door system is now available with an easy-to-fit flexible bead.

Complaints of sore thumbs, lengthy installations and damaged paint surfaces are common when fitting aluminium doors with a traditional, rigid aluminium bead with accompanying wedge gasket… but not with Alumina! With a focus on constant innovation, Liniar has addressed these issues with the launch of its flexible bead – making the doors a staggering two-thirds faster to fit!

Liniar’s cutting-edge Alumina doors can be glazed using matching flexible beads for a stunning finish. Available in White or 7016 Grey and sculptured in form, the flexible bead is painted using a high-tech non-crack coating to perfectly match the RAL finish of Alumina doors.

Choose a foiled option of doors from the wide range of colours available, and the flexible bead arrives foiled to match too!

The proof is in the fitting


We tested the difference in installation speed between the flexible bead and the traditional method of aluminium beading – you can see the amazing results for yourself in our timelapse video below.



Fully guaranteed


Alumina’s flexible bead is included in the doors’ standard 10-year warranty to cover wearing and discolouration – you can register your guarantee here.

    • Save fitting time – installed in less than a third of the time of other aluminium door systems.
    • No extra wedge gasket to insert – simply tap the bead into place with a nylon hammer.
    • Lower risk of damaging painted surfaces during glazing – simply bow and arc the beads into place.
    • Achieve a seamless finish with Alumina’s colour-matched PVCu beads, available on all foiled colour variants, or White and 7016 Grey RAL doors.
    • Speedier installation = less disruption.
    • No visible wedge gaskets – the PVCu bead utilises Liniar’s patented co-extruded gasket technology.
    • Greater thermal efficiency, thanks to co-extruded gaskets on the flexible bead.